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Have you bought a house in the South of Hungary and wish to have it refurbished, then you have come to the right place! Waterproofing walls, chimneys , wells , terraces , bathrooms, tiled floors, wooden floors, swimming pools, building homes and outbuildings. All of the above can be arranged.

Please take a look around the website . On the photopage you will find a selection of our work. You will find that we fear no challenge: every house can be converted into a palace where you will feel at home. Exactly to your liking. And if something is not completely to your liking: you can count on our guarantee. This sets us apart from many other contractors . An additional advantage is that you do not have to worry about the work that comes along with refurbishing a house, because you will just have one contact person who will leave you free of all of this.  And if you yourself do not wish to be present during the work, we will keep you informed of the progress as often as you wish, by contacting you on a regular basis, sending you pictures and updates of the progress.

Damp walls

Moisture is present in all buildings. A moisture problem arises mainly when the moisture can not be controlled.

Wet walls and rising damp are the main cause of a moisture problem in the house. The moisture under and around the house rises, as it were, through the walls and foundation and is sucked into the smallest pores. This allows for wet walls and shortly thereafter for molding. This results in an unhealthy environment.

This fluid also allows for the presence of salts and fungi, loosening of the baseboards, the loosening of the wallpaper, powder formation on the walls, wet walls and damaged plaster. In other words: a humid environment can give rise to clear consequential damages .

If you experience such a moisture problem ? We can be at your service. Through a proven method we can ensure that the problem will not occur anymore . Do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly inform you how we can be of assistance to you.


In a beautiful environment, such as that of Hungary, you of course mainly wish to live outdoors. Enjoying the morning sun, a barbecue or a social gathering with friends in your garden. A beautiful terrace is indispensable. Because the winters can be harsh here, it is important that you carefully consider the foundation. After all, you want the terrace to endure the winter, so you can fully enjoy it in the spring again. 

Ferenc Bálint is specialized in the construction of terraces, foundations, roofs etc. 

For a free quote contact us. We will not disappoint you.

Swimming pool

If you really want to enjoy the beautiful Hungarian summers you might want to consider the construction of a swimming pool in your garden. A wonderful free and carefree feeling when you can cool off in your own swimming pool, while enjoying a drink. All of that in your own garden.

Everything is possible. If you want a beautiful terrace, a beautiful gazebo, an arbor? You name it. There is no limit to the possibilities.

Swimming pool


A winter landscape is beautiful of course. Every season has its charms. But what if you are in your home country and you learn that Hungary has a foot of snow? No doubt you would want to know what the state of your Hungarian home is. Ferenc Bálint can be your contact for his. We will tackle any problem with our so-called maintenance contract. Based on your needs we can do rounds at your house. We wil be at the spot to see if there are problems with your roof, or if there are water problems, or if the fence is still in order. We can then take immediate action to repair the damage, if so required.

Or if you leave the key, we can also keep an eye on everything inside. We can air the rooms for you, make sure the water is closed off or on, or that your home is cleaned when you arrive. A maintenance contract means that we can keep you informed and send pictures of your home, so you know what 's going on in your beloved second home. Whatever your needs are, we can make take care of them. Send us a message with your requirements and we will send you a quote.

But not just for the winter we have a maintenance contract. If you do not stay here permanently, you will also have to deal with things like lawn mowing, gardening, monitoring your home, pool maintenance, cleaning your house , etc. Please send us a message with your wishes in the spring, summer and fall and we will let you know what we can do for you, in order to give you a safe and secure feeling. Your home is in safe hands with our maintenance contract .


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